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    Turkish gulet sailing boat – Favignana and Levanzo

    In ancient times the Turkish gulets were used as economic units to catch fish and transport goods. Today, these great traditional wooden structures have become an attraction for guests spending their holidays. In ancient times built in the Turkish coastal settlements today they are modern and comfortably furnished. Their fate has changed 180 degrees with the utility on a purely recreational. They have reliable engines mounted so that they can easily circumnavigate the numerous bays of Favignana and Levanzo. They are also equipped with a large sail area, to easily take advantage of every gust of wind, especially summer morning, for fast shipping ... Already, the beautiful bays of Favignana and Levanzo are close at your fingertips. The cost of the cruise is 45 euros per person in April - June and September - October. 55 euros per person in July and August.

    Private yacht cruise to the Egadi Islands

    Private yacht cruise to the Egadi Islands. The yacht is the size of 9.37 meters - has two cabins and one bathroom. Cruise starts at 9:45 and ends at 18.00.   Price starts from 50 euros per person. Up to 10 people.


    Starting from Trapani at around 09.30 or so, you will be transferred to Favignana. After around 35 minutes or so the boat will dock at the Favignana harbour for a break of 1 hour and 30 minutes, useful for visiting and shopping in the historic town centre. From the Favignana harbour you begin to skirt the island, stopping in the most beautiful and quietly coves, where you can dive into the crystalline colour of the seawaters and enjoying the beauty of the coast. In one of these bays will we’ll offer lunch (starter and first course typical of the place, water, wine and seasonal fruit). Gradually, we will leave the coast of Favignana heading towards Levanzo, where we will stop around 45 minutes or so to give you the opportunity to visit the picturesque village. Before directing the prow towards Trapani you will skirt the Levanzo island, with swimming break in one of the most beautiful coves. The return to Trapani is scheduled arrival time at 17.30. Price per person: € 40.00 ADULTS CHILDREN (4-10 years) € 25.00 : EVERY DAY (weather permitting) Call for confirmation of departures. Contact us for purchase of tickets. Special discounts for any groups. The ship’s captain reserves the right to modify or cancel the trip due to weather conditions.


    Departure from the Trapani harbour at around 09.30 to Favignana island for boarding any passengers and immediate departure to Marettimo. Arriving on the island, the boat stops to give you the opportunity to visit the town and know the typical products with a free tasting in collaboration with the boys of the Honey Island. Tour of the island and visit the main sea caves and stops for swimming. At around 16.00 or so we’ll head to the Favignana island, where we will stop for around 1 hour or so to give you the opportunity to visit the city and go shopping for island streets. The return to Trapani is expected around 18.30 or so. Menu: rustic Appetizer • pasta with Trapanese • mineral Water • Wine • Seasonal Fruits. The mineral water will be available every day at the bar on board. Cost per person: € 45.00 ADULTS, CHILDREN (4-10 years) € 25.00, INFANTS (0-4 years) free. Travel days: EVERY DAYS (weather permitting). Call for confirmation of departures. Contact us for buying and booking tickets. Special discounts for any groups. The ship’s captain reserves the right to alter or cancel the trip due to weather conditions.

    Boat trip to the Reserve Zinagro and Scopello.

    Our catamaran excursion is carried out twice a day, or in the morning from 9.30 to 13.30, or in the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00. It starts from the picturesque harbor in San Vito Lo Capo. Thanks to a license, which can have the whole voyage to sail very close to the coast. After passing along the sandy beaches of San Vito lo Capo, known as the "white pearl of Sicily", just after Punta Levante, we see one of the towers Saracen. A little further is the Tonnara del Secco, where we stop for a moment to admire one of the most picturesque places in the area: Lake of Venus. Next is the tower Torre 'Mpiso (second Saracen tower, which will begin from the nature reserve Zinagro. Immediately behind the tower is the first bay of Cala TONNARELLA dell'Uzzo, and then the bay of Cala Torre dell'Uzzo. Depending on weather conditions we will be able to stop the first stop to admire the beauty located above and below the surface of the sea. There will be a mask and fins. After 30-40 minutes devoted to snoorkling we will continue the tour visiting all the bays of the Zingaro Nature Reserve - among other things, the bay of Cala Beretta, the bay Cala del Varo, the bay of Cala Zingaro, Faraglioni of Lions and the bay of Cala Marinella. Then you will see a Scopello and its towers. Here, we can make our second stop and again snoorkling in the sea, which is like a museum, because you can find there shipwrecks from second world war. After snoorkling our staff will offer you snacks from delicious fish and white wine so you can enjoy these unforgettable moments and views as the most beautiful postcards. At the end we return to the port. They can provide a lot of information and will tell many anecdotes about the Nature Reserve Monte Cofano, what will he do, it will be one of the most memorable experiences during your stay in San Vito lo Capo. In addition, on board a catamaran, you will be able to perform baptisms sea and dive to a depth of about 5 meters. Scuba diving instructor will lead you by the hand to the fascinating underwater world. Boat trip is daily from the port of San Vito Lo Capo, from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 19.00 NOTE: if the weather conditions are bad then the trip will be canceled. Prices: Adults: € 25.00, children up to 11 years: € 15.00 children under 3 years: free of charge.

    Boat trip to Baia Santa Margherita and Golfo di Macari – Monte Cofano

    Boat trip is a response to the demand of tourists to the less commercial trips. This need was born out of love for our land and seabed. The staff of Buena Vida offer to custumers beautiful and fascinating excursions along the coast from the port of San Vito Lo Capo to the Natural Reserve Monte Cofano. The same sea and the same landscapes visited by Aeneas and his companions and described in the epic tale of Virgil. The tours have departures from the harbor of San Vito Lo Capo and are made twice a day, or in the morning from 9.30 to 13.30 or in the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00 Prices per person : Adults: € 25.00 including snorkeling set for children up to 11 years: € 15.00 set included snorkeling Infants up to 3 years: free boat passage

  • Escursioni con guide naturalistiche

    Abbiamo anche le escursioni con guide naturalistiche : All day in Zingaro Nord & San Vito Lo Capo oppure Zingaro Sud, Scopello & Castellammare del Golfo. Prezzo 40 euro a persona con partenza da Trapani alle ore 9 e ritorno alle ore 16:00

    Trip To The Northern Coast Of Erice – Mangiapane Caves

    You have to go to  visit to Erice, walking through the narrow streets of the medieval city, one of the most beautiful ancient village in Italy. But no less interesting is the northern coast of Erice plain: from Bonagia to Cornino, various steps will make you admire one of the best beautiful places on the coast of Trapani, including history (the Tonnara of Bonagia, one of the most important of Sicily, now a luxury resort), nature (a nice park extends from Cornino, that of Monte Cofano) and sea. Not forgetting the special charm of the Mangiapane caves, which can be visited, where in winter (but not only) it be staged one of the most famous living nativity scenes in Italy.

    Hours and Conditions

    • Excursion: 4 ORE
    • Cost: 75 € euro


    Segesta, small archaeological site, where you can admire an imposing temple in Doric style, still standing as it has been left (incomplete). On Mount Barbaro you can visit the ruins of the city, while on the hill you can reach (even by means of a shuttle bus) a theater, partly dug into the hill, from which you can admire a wonderful panorama. You then will move on Erice, a medieval city among the most beautiful in Italy, where you can stroll among art and history while enjoying a fantastic Genovese, sweet typical Erice. Morning: Departure Time and Location: 9:00 am in the structure. Return time and location: 13:30 in structure. Afternoon : Departure Time and Place: 15:00 in structure. Return time and location: 19:30 Hours in structure. Times may be subject to change according to the needs of the group.


    Description: Settled on the top of the mount the small town of Erice gives the visitor medieval atmosphere, breathtaking views embrace the entire western Sicily and gastronomic delights. Make sure you see the Balio (garden) with annexed Venus Castle, the Church of St. Giuliano (now it hosts the Erice Mysteries), the Mother Church, the Church of St. Martin and the Cordici Museum.  Time period: around 2 hours or so.  Price: € 50.00 (price negotiated by groups of more than 4 units).

    Trapani Salt Pains – Erice

    A walk taking in the beautiful Erice, medieval town, you will feel in the past. A walk for around 2 hours or so, through the streets of the town, called one the most beautiful in Italy, where, featuring a courtyard, and visiting a church to visit, you can enjoy a fantastic Genovese, typical sweet of Erice, stuffed with a sweet-cream with lemon. Coming down from Erice, you’ll admire a fantastic landscape, ending your trip to the salt pans of Trapani, today WWF Oasis where various species of birds nest, and where, you can see several pink flamingos, make a walk through the salt pains and visit the salt museum.

    Hours and Conditions

    • Excursion: 4 ORE
    • Cost: 70 € euro
    • Person: da 1 a 4 Persone

    Trip To The Salt Pains Of Mothia

    On the coast between Trapani and Marsala since the Roman domination in Sicily They have always been present places where collection and refining of salt chanted seasons. You will have the opportunity to visit the salt pans of Trapani and those of the Stagnone and more you’ll be able to walk the ancient streets of the Mothia islet: small island state that was part of the Punic city confederation, today it is a small archaeological park with a museum. The island is accessible by a small boat from the salt pains of the Stagnone

    Hours and Conditions

    • Excursion: 3 ORE
    • Cost: 60 € euro
    • Person: da 1 a 4 Persone


    Segesta, Elymian town dating from the sixth century BC, is now a small archaeological site, where you can admire an imposing Doric-style temple, still standing but incomplete. On Monte Barbaro you can visit the ruins of the town, while on the hill you can reach (even by bus), a theatre, partly dug into the hill, from which you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.

    Hours and Conditions

    • Excursion: 2 - 3
    • Cost: 60 euro
    • Person: 1 - 4

    Tour Costa Nord


    • Arrival in San Vito Lo Capo
    • Visit to the “Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro”
    • Bathing break
    • Lunch at a local restaurant ( on request )
    • Departure for Scopello
    • Visit to Faraglioni and Torre Bennistra
    • Shopping at “Baglio Isonzo”
    • Visit to Castellammare
    • Return to Trapani
    Booking: EURO 70,00 per person (Minimum 4 people) Itinerary hours:
    • Departure at 09:30, return 17:30.
    • Transport – 8 person licensed people carrier.
    Departure point at Trapani: The price does not include: entrance fee to the Reserve at Zingaro, tolls, drinks, snacks or meals – lunch or dinner. BOOKINGS ACCEPTED EVERY DAY INCLUDING

Information request


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